Event Design

Utopia Leisure is quintessentially a design led company and we believe our ability to approach all our event design with a strong creative mind set is what sets us apart from the rest. We are not yet another stockroom of kit that gets churned out, client after client, for the closest fit. We are a team of professional designers who are only satisfied when we can create something special, the perfect fit!

We begin by seeing the end, and this makes the process of getting there successfully so much smoother. We always have our eye on the prize so to speak.
We will take even a scrap of an idea and work it through with you to create first the design brief, from which the event concept will be crafted.

You may have a requirement for a themed event; we are eager to get the creative juices flowing as we seek imaginative ways to interpret the idea.
You may simply need some help with colour schemes, details of decoration or pulling a few ideas together cohesively.

Whatever your requirement, we will always have the same approach, one of enthusiasm and of an open mind, thinking out of the box where necessary to produce the event to surpass its inspiration.